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Смотреть фото MY BMW 1M COUPÉ | Street Drift + Powerslide Compilation | HMS Exhaust Sound новости СПб
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  • Автор новости и фото: Alex Hardt
  • Вести 17.12.2017
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This is my actual and second replacement car for the M240i, a BMW 1er M Coupé. It's my BMW dream car since its release. It's so special and characteristic but very hard to drift and drive.. But I'm getting used to this :-)
It will get some more mods in the future like a custom exhaust, KW suspension and maybe Recaro seats.
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Онлайн новости MY BMW 1M COUPÉ | Street Drift + Powerslide Compilation | HMS Exhaust Sound свежий выпуск СПб сегодня

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siu baek - 11.01.2019
This is true German car, not some luxury family car that has so much plastic that you're too afraid to scratch it while driving because it may get stuck into the wheel.
LowSpirits ِ - 12.12.2018
Bimmers for life. The old 140iM hatchback looks better and sportier than the new 1 series
James Harris - 11.11.2018
Halo car
Florian Steen - 11.11.2018
Erst schön bei Subway schnaubulieren und dann ne Runde quertreiben...genau mein Ding!
stubbk3 - 07.11.2018
BMW need to make more of these
Jonathan Mings - 07.11.2018
Swear to God I'd give both of my testicles for a BMW 1M......have you seen the Dinan version of the 1M SR3? It's got 444hp and 450ftlb. It's so freaking nasty. I guess the few people that got that upgrade said it might be too fast lol. But I say good and that's a great problem to have, shit for 20 grand I rather it br, not fast enough
K.P. Performance - 03.11.2018
Immer mal wieder nen schönen Powerslide. Und warum? Weil er es kann!
LK Games - 28.10.2018
benjamin ojeda - 28.10.2018
my fucking respect for you men
Lin Zheng - 23.10.2018
Hi Alex, just found out your channel and really enjoyed all your content. I'm an M4 owner and addicted to drifting(there are a few of my M4 drifting videos on my channel). I'm planning to buy a second car for my "company" and have been hesitating between M2 and 140i(with M lsd), more leaning towards the 140i for cargo space. Since you've pretty much driven all 1er and 2er, which do you think is most fun for drifting? What mod do you recommend for suspension? Thanks
Vlad P - 23.10.2018
superb car control, so smooth!
M/// POWER v1 - 26.09.2018
Cool bmw
Jay Stantonja - 13.08.2018
What wheels are they on the 1M?
swansmeister - 02.08.2018
Hardest part on this car is to find a gf who takes up with that kinda driving, but I guess you have that compartment in the bag also, life is good huh :p
Hans Goldrich - 27.07.2018
This is a serious car. Guy puts his foot down, power is there. The car is not playing around. But I like how the girl said:”es reicht” she’s not having it😂😂
Kevin Ewald - 14.07.2018
Hab mir jetzt mal ein paar Videos von dir angeschaut! Und wirklich Hut ab! Du bist ein echt guter Fahrer! Macht Spaß deine Videos anzuschauen. Ich wünsche dir eine allzeit gute Fahrt 😜💪
Jonzi Malonsi - 07.07.2018
I'm a BMW M performance owner. With that said, I found this upload seriously boring.
robin Schäfer - 21.06.2018
Ich Jixx alles voll.....
Αλέξης Ντούμας - 09.06.2018
Nice 1M man! Can you give us a link of where you made your custom steering wheel?
Cod Name - 05.06.2018
1. Die arme Karre 2.du hast keine Ahnung vom driften, das ist doch nicht quer...zumal du es nicht einmal im Kreisverkehr bringst😩
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